Monday, June 27, 2005

One way computers seems to act better than human brains:
For multi task purposes, computer are powerful. The proof is that the last universal scientist was Henri Poincarré according to my "Classes Préparatoires" maths professor. So since 1900 humans were not able to perform many tasks the same time.... But listen, now there is a new age of scientist there, and it's defenders are some MVP, MCSD, MCAD and others MS events speakers. Their knowledge is really really huge :
  • C#
  • Content Managment Server
  • Internet Information Server
  • CLS, CLI, .Net Framework, ILDASM, ....

How do they do it ? I wonder if I will know one day. Some old folks says you can't know if you don't try: you have to try first. It means you have to be one of them....Uhhhhh ! Never will I be one of them.... unless.... I get my MCSD, my MCT and I take a little experience In software development, adding training experience to this and setting up the best of the best software developement company .... the Elsam International Project.... But this another tong....


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