Tuesday, October 17, 2006

.NET Building Blocks is a set of core Internet Services.
Web Services
Web Services provide data and services to other applications.
Future applications will access Web Services via standard Web Formats (HTTP, HTML, XML, and SOAP), with no need to know how the Web Service itself is implemented.
Web Services are main building blocks in the Microsoft .NET programming model.
Standard Communication
Official Web standards (XML, UDDI, SOAP) will be used to describe what Internet data is, and to describe what Web Services can do.
Future Web applications will be built on flexible services that can interact and exchange data, without the loss of integrity.
Internet Storages
.NET offers secure and addressable places to store data and applications on the Web. Allowing all types of Internet devices (PCs, Palmtops, Phones) to access data and applications.
These Web Services are built on Microsoft's existing NTFS, SQL Server, and Exchange technologies.
Internet Dynamic Delivery
Reliable automatic upgrades by demand and installation independent applications.
.NET will support rapid development of applications that can be dynamically reconfigured.
Internet Identity
.NET supports many different levels of authentication services like passwords, wallets, and smart cards.
These services are built on existing Microsoft Passport and Windows Authentication technologies.
Internet Messaging
.NET supports integration of messaging, e-mail, voice-mail, and fax into one unified Internet Service, targeted for all kinds of PCs or smart Internet devices.
These services are built on existing Hotmail, Exchange and Instant Messenger technologies.
Internet Calendar
.NET supports Internet integration of work, social, and private home calendars. Allowing all types of Internet devices (PCs, Palmtops, Phones) to access the data.
These services are built on existing Outlook and Hotmail technologies.
Internet Directory Services
.NET supports a new kind of directory services that can answer XML based questions about Internet Services, far more exactly than search engines and yellow pages.
These services are built on the UDDI standard.


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